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IFCC “Virtual Conference” 2021

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VIRTUAL NATA MEETING 2021 - 21° ANNUAL NATA SYMPOSIUM - On Patient Blood Management, Hemostatis and Thrombosis

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What they say about us

  • I am writing to you briefly after the GISE 2019 congress because it was really a success and the TC team led by the excellent Paolo gave his all in all situations, I assure you it was not an easy event given the specificity of some parallel sessions and without the serene and smiling contribution of all we would not have achieved the result.

    International Account Manager - OIC Group
  • I would to thank you and your team again for the excellent work in the last 5 days!
    Everything went smoothly and the show was in good hands.
    You all did a great job and it was my pleasure having met all of you!
    Again, grazie mille!

    Audiovisual Production Coordinator - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • We thank you for your professional AV team on the onsite support and efficient solutions on some unforeknowable issues, without them, we could not make this great broadcasting happen. They’re world-class AV team without a doubt. 

    Vice General Manager UMED Co.Ltd.
  • “SIRS has worked with Tecnoconference for multiple conferences and continue choosing them as our preferred A/V group.  Their experience and knowledge is important to speakers and meeting organizers alike.  They pay close attention to detail and provide excellent customer service as well.  Working with everyone from management to their technicians, Tecnoconference keeps the process simple and effective.”

    Senior Project Leader, 2018 SIRS Biennal Conference, Florence
  • "I 
    Am writing this email to formally acknowledge the work, effort, organization, dexterity and professionalism shown by the entire Staff of TecnoConference who were assigned to work with us during the just concluded ICM Conference in Marriott Park Hotel.
    I expressed my gratitude to Ariel by stating that you have been the best AV company we have worked with and you guys made my work and Laura very easy. I would have preferred to name all the staff from Jacopo, Federico, Ariel and the others who worked closely on the sound desk as well.
    You were a fantastic Team and I almost forgot I was actually in a Conference Meeting. Am looking forward to us working together again in the future .
    Many thanks

    Technical AV & Collaborations Coordinator, Amnesty International
  • "

    Let me thank all those who attended the Stockholm congress. It should be normal to do your job well, without any need to thanks, but who gets the job done; those who work with heart and soul should be thanked. You are becoming an important asset for us and I hope that in the future this collaboration can become increasingly tight and productive. 

    CEO MCA Scientific Events, ECIC 2017 Stockholm
  • "I would like to thank all the Tecnoconference team who worked at the MAXXI ceremony on May 8th and to express my gratitude on behalf of the Ambassador, the Consul and my staff and the appreciation for the great success of the evening and the professionalism and the efficiency with which you worked, as it was apparent from the results and as it emerged from the feedback we received from our assistants who worked closely with you"

    Minister - Counselor for the Political and Public Affairs, Israel Embassy - MAXXI Ceremony
  • "On behalf of me and the EUI, I would like to thank you for the dedication, professionalism and generosity with which you have contributed to the successful State of the Union edition. I highly praise the merits of a teamwork where everyone in their area is committed to the goal of the overall result and the success of the event for the image of our institution. So it was ... This makes a difference and we've reached the goal together. WELL DONE! THANK YOU!"

    Director Real Estate and Facilities Service, European University Institute - State of the Union 2017
  • "In the name of all our team, we would like to thank you and all your team for your professionalism. We especially want to thank you for the flexibility during the event and the solutions you brought in many occasions. Also, one key behaviour we appreciated is your active collaboration with the congress centre. Event if some of our requests were not relevant of your activity, you (and your team) always were solution-focussed. It might seem a detail, but during a previous event, it brought me several difficulties to understand how many providers were active and who was doing what.

    Thank you very much, kind regards to you and your team!"

    Technical Coordinator - Humacom sprl
  • "Dear all, on behalf of Fondazione Open I would like to thank you for an outstanding job, please pass on our gratitude to all your collaborators."

    Fondazione Open Events Manager - Leopolda 7
  • "First and foremost I would like to thank you for your dedication and for your problem solving skills. A heartfelt thank you also goes to your team leaders who coordinated the technical crew with such mastery and flexibility that are rarely seen in our business.

    We can say that we are a perfectly-working team and obviously this will not change, on the contrary, it can only improve because the next event must be even more extraordinary!"

    Mostra d'Oltremare, Naples
  • “TC Group followed our Congress in a very professional and thorough fashion. They supported us with every our need or request, we always felt them close always finding the most fitting technical solution. Thanks a lot!"

    SIDO Secretariat Manager - 47th SIDO International Congress
  • "The event at Dynamo went very good. The setup and all the technical part were carried out with great professionalism and we were satisfied with the event's execution. The rehearsals were a success mainly thanks to the absolute efficiency of the Production Manager, also the video direction was flawless. All your staff was really helpful and well trained."

    PM Dynamo Academy, Dynamo Camp Event
  • "This year I knew what to expect and Tecnoconference indeed delivered. Thanks for the professionalism and the attention towards me by your team. Kardo's support adds to your group something that makes the technical part really fit for the job. Please extend my thanks to all your team."

    SIAREDPresident, SIARED 2016
  • "I would like to thank you for the success of the event of the 7th and 8th of June, for the helpfulness shown and for the undisputed professionalism. Our client was very happy."

    PM, PV Agency Milano
  • "As you already know Heart Failure was a real success for all of us with 25% more participants than expected! We received very positive feedback and warm congratulations from both the committee and the participants. I would like to sincerely thank you all for your collaboration before and during the congress. 
    Please also extend our gratitude to all your staff; they all share with us the success of HEART FAILURE 2016.Thank you once again for this great cooperation."

    Senior Congress Operations Manager Congresses & Meetings Division European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Heart Failure 2016
  • "We wanted to thank you very much for the good cooperation and help to organize the EuroCMR 2016 at the Palazzo dei Congressi.
    The meeting has been a big success with your help and I hope that we will have the possibility to work with you again. TC Group’S Technicians were really great and always at our disposal if we needed something."

    General Manager, Medconvent congress services, EuroCMR 2016
  • "Shortly after the end of the sixth The State of the Union conference, we would like to express to Tecnoconference our most sincere gratitude for this precious collaboration. The event was a great success in attendance, as in 3 days it counted more than 3000 participants among guests, journalists and delegates. Your invaluable support contributed importantly to the event's success."

    Director, Real Estate and Facilities Service, State of the Union 2016
  • "Tecnoconference è nostro Socio da molti anni e da sempre è per noi un partner tecnico strategico per il successo degli eventi che riusciamo a portare a Firenze. In occasione del Destination Wedding Planner Congress abbiamo potuto contare sulla professionalità, la capacità e l'affidabilità di un operatore come TC Group che ha garantito un servizio efficiente in ogni momento del Congresso: dai lavori congressuali in Stazione Leopolda fino alle riprese ed il montaggio video di tutto l'evento. Il cliente è stato estremamente soddisfatto e come Convention Bureau vogliamo ringraziare in maniera speciale Tecnoconference per aver dato un contributo fondamentale per il raggiungimento di questo grande risultato." 

    Carlotta Ferrari, Director Firenze Convention Bureau - DWP Congress 2016
  • "We would like to thank you all for the collaboration, patience and competence you shown throughout the event, both for supporting our client in the planning part and for the execution during the event itself. Everything went great and we wouldn't have made it without you. Thank you kindly."

    Director, SGM Conference Center, Credito Valtellinese event
  • "As soon as we came back from Naples we wanted to thank you for all the work you've done. Your assistance and professionalism were fundamental for the event's success!! We would like to thank all your staff that managed to assist with every 'last second' request and helped us face with tranquillity and professionalism even the most complex and critical moments of the event!!"

    PL NET Congress
  • "Colgo l’occasione per ringraziarvi dell’ottimo lavoro svolto da tutto lo Staff TC Group che con la consueta competenza e disponibilità ha saputo supportarci durante questo importante evento. Alla prossima!!"

  • The SIOT Congress just ended but I wanted to thank you once again for contributing to the success of this 100° edition and also for your high professionalism, for your reliability and, last but not least, for your great sympathy. A hug for you all and see you soon for the 101° edition!

    SIOT Secretary-General, SIOT 2015
  • "I would like to thank you with all my heart and loudly for all the professionalism and resilience you've put into the recent Hot Topics Conference, whose problems were also solved thanks to you all with an indisputed success. Everyone was just perfect, attentive and competent! Thank you Again."

    Ars Educandi President, Hot Topics Event
  • “With this brief message I would like to thank all TC Group's staff for an outstanding job, for the availability and professionalism shown, but mostly for the swiftness in solving the daily problems caused by a conference venue who was anything but functional. I would like to personally thank all your team for the help you gave me before and during the event!"

    Project Leader PLS Educational, Simit Conference
  • "I would like to thank you for the outstanding job done during the preparation and the execution of the event. As always, you have shown us your professionalism, availability, discretion and kindness that go beyond simple duty. Thank you!"

    European University Institute Director of Real Estate and Facilities Service, EUI Event
  • "Mi premeva farvi presente che il tecnico è stato bravissimo e soprattutto molto collaborativo. Quando si opera in sedi “pubbliche” non è facile e non bisogna dare niente per scontato."

  • "Personalmente sono rimasta molto colpita dalla professionalità ed estrema serietà sia nella fase di preparazione delle sale e dell'attrezzatura precedente al meeting, sia nella gestione e fornitura del servizio nel corso del meeting. Infine, una nota di grande apprezzamento per l'assoluta disponibilità e cordialità mostrata da tutto il personale in ogni momento di contatto, sia precedente al meeting, che durante."

  • "Desidero ringraziarvi di cuore per la vostra splendida collaborazione!! E’ stato veramente un piacere lavorare con voi, siete stati sempre più che collaborativi e ci avete risolto anche le situazioni più difficili, oltretutto sempre con il sorriso sulle labbra e una gentilezza che hanno reso sicuramente tutto più facile e piacevole."

  • "I would like to thank you for the great result achieved by your service, all of our members welcomed your APP with an extremely positive reception."

    AIIC Secretariat, XV Convegno Nazionale AIIC - 2015
  • "Scrivo per ringraziare della professionalità e del supporto ricevuto dallo staff di Tecnoconference in occasione del congresso SIARED. Mi farebbe molto piacere che comunicasse la mia riconoscenza all'equipe che in questi tre giorni si è letteralmente stabilita nel centro congressi sostenendo il servizio tecnico del congresso in maniera inappuntabile. Da parte mia è riduttivo riferirmi esclusivamente al contributo tecnico, in quanto ho sempre avuto la sensazione di poter contare su di voi per affrontare e risolvere i problemi che sempre si incontrano durante i congressi. Gentilezza e professionalità hanno fatto parte del vostro modo di essere, come hanno confermato diversi relatori."

  • "First and foremost, I would like to thank you once again for being the professionals that you all are: always present, helpful and 'spot on'. Please extend my gratitude to all your staff (slide center, conference rooms and operating rooms)."

    AIM Group International Project Leader, 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery - 2015
  • "I would like to thank you for the support you gave me and that you are still giving me for this event. TC Group is truly a certainty and a really important partner. Thank you, thank you everyone."

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel Supervisor, Menarini Foundation Event - 2015
  • "Un messaggio veloce per ringraziarvi a nome mio e del P4P team per il vostro lavoro che ha contribuito all’ottima riuscita del 2015 P4P Annual Consultation. In particolare, un ringraziamento speciale ai vostri tecnici che ci hanno assistito nella preparazione e svolgimento dell’evento. Ho notato un team sempre professionale ed estremamente ricettivo. La capacità nel saper prontamente trovare soluzioni a problematiche emerse durante l’evento e la perfetta preparazione e allestimento in base all’agenda, sono fattori che ritengo indispensabili per la buona riuscita di un meeting come il nostro."

  • "Thank you and your team so much for your help over the last few days in Florence. Your ‘ragazzi’ were always helpful and enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to work with them. It can’t be easy working with an English team and I always felt that everyone was very pleased to help, whatever the request. I sincerely hope that we will be able to work together in the future, and wish you all the very best success."

    Portmanteau Owner, GE Oil&Gas Annual Meeting - 2015
  • "Si prega di condividere i nostri più sentiti ringraziamenti anche con  tutti i Vostri collaboratori che non sono in indirizzo a questa mail e, con l'occasione, Vi trasmettiamo il Ringraziamento ed i Complimenti ricevuti dal Capo della Delegazione per l'Organizzazione del Semestre di Presidenza Italiana del Consiglio dell'Unione Europea, Signor Ministro Altana."

  • "The award goes Tecnoconference – TC Group: because it stood out in offering their services in an always original fashion, with professionalism and competence, innovating and engaging our staff, in order to have both our events and our clients grow and improve."

    CEO PLS Educational, PLS Award: Best Specialist 2014
  • "It was a pleasure to work with you and your team in Florence for the 58th UIA congress. In the name of the UIA (International Association of Lawyers), I take this opportunity to thank you for your collaboration. Your help was very useful to us and we are very grateful for your contribution to the success of our event.
    We very much appreciated your efficiency and professionalism throughout this whole process and hope to have another opportunity to work with you in the future."

    Events Coordinator UIA, 58th UIA Congress (Union Internationale des Advocats) - 2014
  • "I would like to thank all Tecnoconference's staff involved for the great outcome of Milano Pediatria 2014. The conference was a success of logistics and technology. Concerning this, it's my pleasure to thank you for your professionalism, availability and patience shown throughout the event."

    Event Manager PV AGENCY, Milano Pediatria 2014
  • "We would wish to thank you for an excellent job done by your men in the context of the Blue Day event in Augusta. Your people were very professional and definitely contributed to the success of the conference."

    European Commission Conference Organizer, Blue Economy Day 2014
  • "Intendo ringraziarvi personalmente per il lavoro svolto e per la collaborazione dimostrata durante l’evento; abbiamo avuto delle sfide ed alcuni imprevisti sullo streaming, risolti per altro in tempo quasi reale."

  • "We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the priceless availability Tecnoconference shown throughout the event. Your help contributed to the success of this important event promoted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and confirmed your professionalism and efficiency which for us were an invaluable support."

    Muse Association, NEL MONDO CHE CAMBIA – Stati generali della lingua italiana nel mondo - 2014
  • "I would like to thank you for your professionalism, availability and readiness shown during the Conference in Florence. You are a great team. A big thank you for following us in every moment od the event."

    SIDO Secretariat, 45° Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Ortodonzia (SIDO) - 2014
  • "Vorrei esprimere i miei più sinceri ringraziamenti per la cortese disponibilità dimostrata e la  capillare presenza durante tutto il congresso ANMCO. Siamo soddisfatti del vostro operato e di tutto lo staff Tecnoconference."

  • "Few days after the conclusion of The State of the Union 2014, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of the event's fourth edition. Your supporto to this ambitious initiave was crucial for its acknowledged success."

    Communications Service Director, The State of the Union 2014
  • "Il Cardio Event 2014 è andato molto bene per quanto riguarda l’organizzazione e ringrazio tutti i  tecnici, che hanno lavorato con molta professionalità, disponibilità e cortesia."

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