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Fully held online, from 11 to 14 April, the 2021 edition of the European Society of Hypertension’s (ESH) Annual Meeting took place side to side with the International Society of Hipertension’s (ISH). The winning duo composed by AIM Group International Full PCO, charged with the event planning and  TC Group , the congress Technology Partner, confirmed itself once again. In addition, of course, to its scientific point of view, the virtual event offered many organizative insights, indeed tied to technology, but also very useful to all the event organizers. Hereby listed as summary:

  • ·        Management of 7 parallel virtual rooms, with as many  a/v management booths and dedicated editing workstations. The installations of these co-ordination centres involved the employment of three warehouses, granting 120+ pc desks dedicated to video producion  and 50+ operators.

    ·         130+ hours of live streaming in 4 days, trying the best to design and implement original and enjoyable formats, video introductions, animations and real information announcements during the live stream, all dedicated to the whole event as well as the single speech. TC Group has been able to manage and coordinate all the creative process just like an integrated communications agency, a creative HUB dedicated to the event and capable of also handling the Video making and Graphics, designing interactive and innovative layouts for the Newsletter as well as Facebook and Linkedin posts. The live streaming also had a multi-language option, thanks to English/Chinese translators connected from three nations (United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy)

    ·         118 live streamed sessions with just 5 being pre-recorded but live managed, followed by the speaker’s presence in the Q&A session.

    ·         700+ questions discussed and managed throughout the event with an average of  30+ question per hour of live streaming and 35 hours of scientific on-demand contents published every day.


The event also showed that the implementation of an on-line broadcasting is capable of widely spread the number of partecipants all around the globe. The previous event’s edition, which happened in-person, registered a total number of 3000+ partecipants. In this edition, however, the on-line subscriptions and the total number of presences  have been 5400+ with 1000+ partecipants aged over 35 and with an exponential growth of partecipants from India and other countries which can harldy afford financially heavy travels to europe.The future of events is bound to become more and more hybrid, allowing both the on-site experience, as soon as safely possibile, and the on-line one, inevitably reaching a broader audience.

IFCC “Virtual Conference” 2021

With the careful guidance of the MZ Congressi's organizing secretariat, and with the technological partnership of Tc Group, IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) took place entirely on-line from 15 to 17 february 2021, this Global conference on Covid-19 centered around the critical role of the clinycal labs on the current pandemic caused by the virus, a subject of hard hitting relevance. From a production point of view, some of the features and peculiarities of this on-line event, can be very useful to all event organizers looking to optimize performance in the design and organization of virtual and hybrid events.

These points of tought originate from an unavoidabile base floor. The organizing secretariat must count on a symbiotic collaboration with his technology partner. This implies Human relationships have a central role. Before, after and during the event, the will to constantly cooperate with Tc Group's Technical Staff, allowed MZ Congressi to orchestrate the congress to its best, granting a fluid design flow and a fisiologically natural achievement of objectives. This union of the two companies has been further expanded in the shared choice to not create an informative website about the congress, instead choosing on the full implementation of the Livebit platform . This platform made possible the enjoyment of the live streaming speeches and their on-demand availability, the visiting of sponsor's virtual stands , viewing e-posters and allowing audience to download the event's full programme. Therefore this choice optimized the client's resouces and made possible to maximize the communicative efficency of this virtual event's contents.


 Crucial as always, in virtual events, the live streaming performance in the informative sessionsThe strength of the connection allowed the attendees a full spectrum enjoyment of the speaker's presentations. Seems granted, but it's not always like that expecially when clients entrust themselves in "DIY" solutions while the public comes, like in this case, from all over the world. In fact, 2700+ partecipants watching from 118 states (1500+ were young scientists). Speakers connected were 116, from 34 nationsIntrestingly data points to the fact that 85% of the partecipants felt "very" or "extremely" easy the usage of our new platform, Livebit.

VIRTUAL NATA MEETING 2021 - 21° ANNUAL NATA SYMPOSIUM - On Patient Blood Management, Hemostatis and Thrombosis


The Virtual Nata Meeting went on stage  from 12 to 16 april 2021, completely online. A symposium centered around advanced hematology in the Covid-era, a great international virtual event that managed to gift the Event Managers and the MICE Professionist many lessons learned. Let’s analyze some together.



  • The Pandemic problems morphed in a great opportunity. The complete digitalization of this congress’edition managed to bring the biggest number of partecipants in its history (this annual event began in 2016). Breached the thousand subscriptions wall, the Virtual Nata Meeting became one of the biggest events in hematology worldwide, with 83 countries connected at the same time, China included, requiring a very high technological expertise, given the difficulties tied to the famigerate firewall of the oriental giant.


  • The employment of a Super Bandwidth for the Streaming, granted an effective and latency-free connection. The reliability of the bandwidth, in international events, is absolutely essential, requiring to be monitored and managed by an Expert and competent Staff just like the one branded by TC Group. All managed for 5 complete days of Live streaming in a single HD channel.


  • Granting the availability of on-demand speeches, almost in real time after the livestream’s end was very important, ensuring the chance of consulting the reports taking into account the different time zones. Allowing the contents to be enjoyed for Six Months after the event surely is another plus.


  • This event has been managed with Tc Group’s platform Livebit. This application made available a “Social Wall” dedicated to partecipant’s comments in real time. The event’s success was high, so we tought about letting you see some anonymous original comments, collected during the event.



“Great Online Congress and Platform (on demand already during the congress is perfect!!!), Congrats”

“Great NATA Symposium! Perfectly designed and conducted. A very efficient web platform, the ‘top level’ presentations and a perfect organization make this event as one of reference. Great job, congratulations to all the NATA people!”

“Thank you for this very interesting and informative event. The event is well run, and all meetings are on time. Also - I really like the "entrance" to the virtual event. It is visually appealing and well laid out. Congratulations.”

“Unbelievable: to have at the same time Canada, Australia, Europe connected!”

“Good Morning to this well structured Online Congress Platform!”

Digital Labs of the Regione Toscana: online on Meetbit platform

The Regione Toscana, with Toscana Promozione Turistica, in collaboration with the trade associations of tourism, continue  the path started on the territories with #TuscanyTogether on the Meetbit Webinar Platform.

15 online appointments with industry experts to carry out the Testo Unico del Turismo, facing the emergency and preparing the future restart of the markets, which we all hope will be soon. "The accompanying and remote communication tools are an excellent method that will allow us to continue the work started, and to carry out the new governance on tourism” declares Francesco Palumbo – director of Toscana Promozione Turistica – and Meetbit’s e-learning solutions fully respond to all this.

A simple login form for the creation of the account, and it’s done! You can also participate to seminars even on mobile, interacting  live and filling in short satisfaction surveys. The online published portal realized for the Regione Toscana at allows the audience to connect to all the appointments even on demand, just right after the live session, and to participate whenever you want, without losing anything said.

About 800 subscribers joined the first date on the March 18th 2020, with more than 750 live participants and over 30 on demand. More than 100 live questions and numerous satisfaction surveys have made this first online appointment very participated. A first episode with unexpected numbers, that shows how our tools can be a valid alternative to event cancellations and postponements.

The traditional methods of meeting, as audiences used to know, can be recreated online, without disorienting the participants. Everything can be transformed into a moment to live online, with significant advantages: potentially unlimited audiences (worldwide); different participation timing (live and on demand); various attendance locations (from home, office or on the move).
Our online formats help to keep alive the professional relationships between people, that even if forced to stay at home, they can keep working, getting informed, studying, communicating and interacting remotely.

To find out more, book your information session with our Sales Team, naturally in web conference!

Please, download the informative pdf of our online services, or find out more asking our sales team.

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