Installations and Sale


Installations and Sale

The technical experience acquired in a multitude of events such as congresses is often made available for cultural activities with different goals connected to the fashion industry or simply to scenic design.

Nowadays Technology plays more and more a leading-role in art exhibitions, above all in contemporary art and not only in that, where the use of the very technology is associated to artistic performance, hence the importance of the outstanding service and accuracy we strain in the set-up arrangement.

Fashion world has peculiar needs, aesthetic taste and innovation are fundamental values that reflect in the process of communication and interaction through technologies, so our duty is to supply ever and ever new solutions and with a strong impact.

The use of multimedia technology, scenic installations and interactive tools guarantee the visitor a multi-sensorial journey, amplifying the communication channel of the message

We realise “turn Key” ad hoc projects, both for congress spaces and for company premises, i.e., showrooms, multimedia communication spaces, etc, able to ensure a true broad-spectrum use which, along with a considerable rationalisation of the running costs, makes the structure more alluring from a commercial point of view

Multimedia automation , commonly referred to as “domotics” is a system of integrated control of any electronic device (audio-video, lights) designed to simplify the management of very complex multimedia apparatuses.

In summary, multimedia automation is concerned with the possibility to oversee in a centralised, easy and functional way, all the audio and video systems that are part of the technological offer on the very spot the congress is put in place, i.e. from the amplification plant to the projection one, including screens, video-cameras and lights in the halls.

The system is regulated on the whole by a computerised direction , enabled to programme each single technological device, but driven through an easy and intuitive interface which can be used above all by people who do not need any specific skill for that.

ADVANTAGES in the use of such a system are:

  • Maximum simplification in dealing with these technical apparatuses;
  • Technological plus: enhancement of the image of the premises or seat of the company and therefore more suitability for sale to the most exigent clients;
  • Increase in the operational efficiency: the possibility of programming a sequence of pre-arranged actions helps to lower drastically the possibility of accidental mistakes when using the system.
  • Safety: the adoption of a centralisation system complies fully with the safety rules required by the European regulations in force.
  • Noteworthy economic saving: these are concerned with both the rationalisation of consumptions and the technical resources implied.
  • Post sale support: TC Group is able to give support for any need requested during a meeting- congress by means of the inner operational central panel connected in remote to the plants installed for that performance. 


Infobit is the digital signage system developed for hotels and conference venues. A centralized software that manages digital signage on location monitors integrating personalized elements such as graphics, images and contents, with dynamic information related to events present in the venue.
Each display content is manageable remotely and programmable with weekly and monthly scheduling. The flexibility of the software allows to create various combinations in the display layout of specific elements:

  • Branded header 
  • Dynamic info (streaming, video and images, slideshows, web contents)
  • Photo galleries
  • Newsfeed
  • Information from the halls and services of the venue
  • Weather data
The system integrates perfectly with TC Group’s softwares such as Livebit Suite, which allows you to record and transmit live events by creating a video stream on digital signage monitors, offering visitors of the venue and participants a coordinated information and entertainment service.

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