Services for Events

Basic technical services

Nowadays anyone can take on the role as supplier of technological equipment to be used in events starting from a small basic unit.

The Service we provide is the result of the efficacy of interaction between man and technology with two goals: our Client and his Event.


In our more than 30-year activity we have supplied our service in thousands and thousands of events: a huge experience which helps us to find out every time the right technical solution for any kind of event, be that just an associate congress, a convention, and incentive or any other kind of event.


In the case of large dimension or peculiar complex events we trigger a network of specialised professionals. Starting from the consultancy phase provided by our Business managers specialised in different types of events; the technical planning of the event is carried out by our Senior Project managers to orient toward the target every technical and logistic effort needed for a perfect performance of the service our technical Staff under the supervision of an experienced problem solver Team Leader able to meet any need our most exigent client requires.

Besides from our three operative seats Florence, Rome and Milan we are able to support events in all Italian towns thanks to a wide network of co-operators selected with accuracy without burdening our clients’ budget with duty travel.


Professional audio diffusion systems of the best makes (Bose, Sennheiser, Shure) able to diffuse sound in events of any dimension and supply a uniform net cover and maximum efficacy of communication.

Recording audio digital systems with automatic working process of the recording carnet and Security Recording System device to guarantee an efficient service.

Thanks to the amplification systems Line Array we are able to offer a very high top quality of listening in large audience stalls with uniformity of sound volumes guaranteeing a clear and bright sound of matchless audibility; no matter if the loud speakers vibrate for the crystalline voice of the Congress Chairman or the sound of <<The Final Countdown>> opening officially the Convention. 

There is video-projection and video-projection. Out of focus, with low brightness or resolution.

We start from what you require until we find the best projector which mostly suits your needs. Up to 30,000 a.l. Full HD.

Thanks to the stage multi-projection with Watchout® and to our graphic-switcher we can make scene projects fully personalised and synchronised with play of light and play of music and have them perfectly integrated with TecnoSlide, Software Suit TC Group.

4K resolution? Just ask. 

Thanks to our great experience in this field we are able to offer the best setting up ever possible for the technologic hardware of your event, ensuring always a non invasive but tactful effect, bringing it into line with each single event environment. 

LED wall is the most scenographic and attractive solution for event participants. 

Perfect to meet the visual needs of a large audience, for both temporary artistic and advertising installations or for fixed ones, it represents the most effective technology for multimedia content fruition. 

Our technical know-how will allow you to get the best visual and scenographic impact depending on the location and communication needs of the event. Furthermore, the flexible design ensures extremely versatile and modular assembly in size, with the possibility of curved, concave / convex installation. 

With the LED wall screen you just have to choose which content to make spectacular, we'll take care of the service!

Also known as “electronic-prompter”, it is a device which allows to visualise a text that is to be read by the speaker directly on the computer screen through two anti-glare mirrors placed alongside the podium, so the speaker has no need to move away his/her glance from the audience. This device is best used in political meetings or company conventions

Video & Multimedia

TC Lab is a TV recording and broadcast studio permanently equipped with AV equipment, encoding software and FTTH fiber connection (symmetrical 100Mb) located at our headquarters in Florence (5 min away from the airport and from the motorway exit). It is an innovative multimedia AV recording studio equipped with Chromakey for the creation of virtual scenery created by the internal video production department. The virtualized scenario is capable of faithfully reproducing any real environment, and the fiber connection allows for a significant cut in logistics, transportation and equipment costs.

Fields of application
  • Video Call
  • Advisory Board
  • Webinar
  • Educational content
  • Scientific Newscast
  • Incentive
  • Corporate Content
  • Informative Content
  • Product launch
  • Event Launch

To promote an event and to extend its duration over time, it is necessary to capture video contents properly by combining creativity and intent into technical service. Tecnoconference provides its clients with a professional Video Direction where experience and precision are supported by state-of-the-art equipment and systems as video system wired up to 5 Full HD cameras, (including radio and remotes cameras), multimedia footage in our studio equipped with Chroma Key technology and streaming services.

Turnkey services for videoconferences, in accordance with the several connection possibilities provided by the International standards. The products we can make available are able to satisfy the different requests from whoever need to communicate at distance through IP or ISDN networks. 

Thanks to the work our post-production video team makes, we can fix indelibly in digital any smile, any word, any emotion of your event so that it be a pillar of your company history and give a solid contribution to strengthen your brand.

You certainly know, one image is worth more than a thousand words.

Animated jingle of the event: realisation of the trailer spot or animation flier of the event personalised with motion graphic technique.

 Suggested to: Be used as a spot of the event on the social channels or web just before or during the very moment of the event.

Reportage video: Realisation of a reportage in the journalist’s style of reporting with film, editing which can be integrated with motion graphics and interviews with the protagonists.

Suggested to: Extend the visibility of the event after its conclusion and as means to withdraw people’s attention on the next edition.

Reportage corporate: Planning and development of the subject and contents of the video with special effects. 

Realisation of interactive DVD: The use of interactive DVD simplifies the search for any footage, by involving the user with the coupling of music, images, and colours.

Shot and editing of the video on site: ideal for events that require a final projection of the film shot during several working days. 

Thanks to Computer Graphics we are able to create custom layout for video teaser, interviews and reportage of the event to spread out before, during and after the event on multichannel platform (APP, Website, info display and monitors), to firstly increase expectancy and to produce an interesting multimedia content exploitable during and after the event. 

With the availment of 2D and 3D graphic design, you can process any multimedia content, from rendering of the spaces to video animations. We are able to recreate graphically 3D backdrops to integrate into video footage with TC Lab.

Our system, Autodome, can be identified as an automated video coverage service. It needs one or more video cameras (SD, HD, FULL HD) connected to a collateral direction system to manage and broadcast on monitor, video projectors and so on, and a system of remote control to drive the movement and the optimal framing.

The management of the above reported system can be done by one technician for the part concerning the movement of the cameras and one director for the broadcasting, it all depends on the number of cameras we have to utilise.

Fields of application are several and different from one another, here is a list of examples:

  • Congress hall with presidential table and podium.
  • Surgical Operating theatre with very detailed shots or shots where the technician of a camera on tripod cannot be appropriately placed to perform best shots.
  • Convention: placed in spots peculiar and/or strategic where they cannot be normally managed by a technician and camera. Frontal, lateral, reverse shot, etcetera.....
  • Meeting where the access to technicians is not allowed for secrecy reasons concerned on the topic, etcetera..... 

Live Surgery

Our Live Surgery service is a hardware package comprising everything necessary for Full HD video shooting, ready to operate in sterile environments, managed by a technical team of great experience, with also the possibility of multi-venue Live Streaming or digital delivery of the footage. 
Thanks to TC Lab, our  multimedia and multichannel recording and broadcasting studio, we can set up Webinars that have a direct video connection to the Operating Room and the option for the connected users to pose questions to a moderator, thus creating a Q&A Session.

  • Medical conferences
  • Internal training
  • Distance Learning


  • Compatibility: The video is recorded using a remote controlled Full HD camera mounted on a telescopic arm with the optional feature of integrating the visual data feed from the medical equipment in the Operating Room
  • Graphics customization: Creation of the graphics interface with a PIP feature (single or multiple picture in picture)
  • Broadcast flexibility: Video broadcast via LAN network, Internet or Satellite connection
  • Distance Learning-ready: Optional online distance learning platform, compliant with CME regulations
  • Hardware adaptability: Consultancy on the implementation of services on the existing equipment

The 3D live surgery is the latest technological innovation in the development of multimedia content dedicated to the medical sector.

In addition to the spectacular effect, this new generation of live surgery has a great didactic interest: the 3D images broadcasted allow to better visualizing the depth and the exact positioning of the tools in the operating room, the ideal solution to experiment the surgery procedure in a more detailed way

The 3D live surgery sessions are very effective to increase the participant’s during the event, who through 3D glasses will be able to get closer and closer to the surgical reality.


Much more than just a charging station for mobile devices. 

T-Charge is a hardware system enriched by a powerful digital platform that offers engagement to the user through interactive and customizable features such as social media and streaming video, while providing a useful safe universal recharging service.

Interpreting service

Since 2002 Tecnoconference is the only Italian member chosen by BOSCH to be part of Congress Rental Network thanks to our long-time experience in supplying Simultaneous Interpretation Services and Conference System. Furthermore our technician are trained on annual basis thanks to update courses certified by BOSCH at their headquarter in Eindhoven (NL), they are certified DICENTIS Technical Specialist.

Integrus is fully compliant with the new IEC standard, the industry standard for infra-red digital transmission in the frequency band from 2 to 6 MHz and guarantees a total absence of interference from lighting systems. The fully digital infrared language distribution system brings the benefits of innovative digital technology to systems used in meetings, conferences and congresses. Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and speeches in the delegate’s own language is transmitted to a pocket receiver and headphones. Because it is an infrared system, conference or meeting participants can move freely around the location whilst still able to follow proceedings. The system is highly flexible and offers exceptional audio quality, making it ideal for conference centers and international organizations, no matter what the size of the event or venue. 


TC Group also has a wide range of interpretation booths in two, three, four seats, AudiPack and similar models, manufactured to European quality and safety standards ISO-2603:2016 and AIIC.


DICENTIS BOSCH is a revolutionary Conference system which integrates audio, video, meeting content with Internet access all in one platform, as an IP-based system built on the OMNEO media networking architecture by Bosch. The system is based on Wi-Fi standard technology and smart wireless management to allow for interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing. It is an ideal solution for a broad range of applications, particularly for historical buildings where a flexible wireless solution offers significant benefits, overcoming the structural limits of the venue.  


The DCN BOSCH can be configured in “Delegate” and "Chair" mode. The DCN is an automatically-managed, modular microphone station equipped with a priority override button for Chairs. Microphones are equipped with a power supply unit and an interface for connecting the system to recording or simultaneous translation systems or other systems. The Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System can be installed without altering the integrity of the location in any way. 


System equipped with Autodome cameras: it is a standard conference system with the installation of Autodome cameras spread around the conference tables, allowing the automatic video recording of the current speaker.

Interactive services

The Interactive Vote service is available via televoter or via APP. 

APP voting is an App Event Tool feature’s which if implemented it gives the opportunity to ask up to 15 multiple questions for each session.

The service of Live Questions (Q&A) is available via SMS or via APP. SMS Question is a proprietary TC Group software that lets you ask questions to speakers or make an individual vote at the end of a report. Voting is done through numeric selection from your smartphone, the software acquires the data, processes the responses and displays the voting result on the screen as a percentage chart. 

App Question is a feature that can be activated within the APP Event Tool that lets you ask your 'live' question in the relevant Q&A section of the app. 

In either case, the moderator, using an iPad or podium monitor, can view the received messages and decide which of the messages to project on the screen or read on the platform. 


Live Twitting becomes the most effective answer to a social media-oriented event. We set up on our congress tools a feature that allows the visualization of Tweets related to a specific hashtag or a Twitter user, through a dynamic scrolling of the contents which are displayed on a dedicated screen to enhance the audience’s engagement and participation.

Thanks to a control panel managed by the directing technician, it is possible to add up to 60 keywords whose font, size and color can be chosen individually.

The words will thus randomly slot in among themselves in a cloud-shaped fashion in the middle of the screen, the words themselves being bigger or smaller according to each topic’s relevance.

The screen will have a custom graphics background in which the most important words will appear thanks to an animation. It is possible to change each word’s font, color and size in real-time.

Thanks to the interaction with our SMS software, the system can generate the Tagcloud’s words directly from the SMS received or by the messages received in-App, enlarging or making them smaller according to their popularity.

The Electronic Polling Station is a TC Group proprietary software conceived to perform the renewal of the elective office in a computerised way, simulating the carrying out of a traditional electoral process.

This system enables the carrying out of electronic voting for the election of candidates with single preferences, multiple or lists of candidates, managing also delegated members. Electronic polling stations make election operations fast and guarantee the secrecy of the results.

Web based Software Version comprehensive of back-office to manage more than one poll contemporarily. Polling data are enciphered in the database and results can be read exclusively at the end of the vote not before having inserted a code to guarantee the highest level of secrecy on the result.

Real-time polling service allows the speaker to ask multiple-choice questions to the audience in the hall. 

Access to the application is managed by a code associated with the event, that is communicated directly during the congress by screening in the hall. 

User simply accesses from mobile device, through the function integrated within the Event App, to response the questions. Results are displayed in real time on the room screen. 

Internet connectivity is required to use this feature.

Access control

More and more the safety and the correct management of the flow during the events passes from an IT system for access control in favor of accuracy and rapidity, thus avoiding waste of time and resources!
Access control systems are an indispensable tool that offers significant benefits to participants, organizers and sponsors of the event:
  • Accelerate accreditation and access control.
  • Control the flow of visitors in real time
  • Verify the actual presence of participants in events and CME activity
  • Authorize different levels of access within the conference venue
  • Gathers accurate data on visitor behavior to be used for marketing purposes
  • It allows to evaluate the success of the event to properly plan the next edition


The access control systems offer important advantages for exhibitors, such as flows control at the stands to identify the visitors profile via questionnaire, and lead retrieval to increase events' ROI (return on investment). In addition, to increase visitors influx to the stands it is possible to setup gamification activities thanks to the integration with App Event Tool.

NFC, RFID, BARCODE…The technologies that can be used are many, it is important to choose the solution that best suits your needs depending on the type of event, participation and location structure.

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