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App Event Tool

Completely redesigned in its structure and features in 2016, APP Event Tool is since 2010 the TC Group proprietary software for iOS and Android and it is available in mono and multi-event version. 

APP Event Tool is a powerful engagement tool engineered for each player of the meeting industry, a customized information container and individual interaction tool with customized functions and tools, a personalized container of information and individual interactive tool for sponsorship and features: from the navigable program that replaces the traditional paper program, to the interactive map of the exhibition area with virtual stands, survey functions, question & answer, televoter. 

The full integration with Conference Software Suite it allows to display data in automatic update (synoptic event, speakers, reports, multimedia acts, posters).

Wanna learn more about the App Event Tool? 
Visit the dedicated mini- website at THIS link

The engagement tool par excellence, suitable for any type of event, designed as a customized repository for information and powerful tool of interaction with customized functions and tools and variables depending on the role played in the event (Congressman, speaker, board members, sponsor, exhibitor, etc ...)

The Event Tool App is the indispensable tool for all the players  involved in the event, but also the centrepiece around which we have engineered all the other versions of the app.

Think about how great it could be to have only one app for each edition of your event.

Not a different App that users delete at the end of each year but a digital hub through which create interaction between the editions of the event: we are proud to present you the Multievent App.

The structure is the same of the Monoevent’s, but the beauty of the Multievent is that it gets richer and bigger after each congress’ edition, at the same time functioning as archive of the past events, as essential guide for the current event and as privileged showcase for the future editions.

Fairs very often have logistic and communication exigencies different than a traditional congress.

That is the reason for which we produced a release of the APP dedicated exclusively to fairs and expositions, the following are its main features with a special focus on the real character of the fair: the exposition ground.

  • Detailed map of the exposition ground
  • Creation reserved only to exhibitors with push information on preparation time tables and all the main information on logistics
  • Innovative and personalised Exhibitors Sections that can be managed directly by exhibitors through which they can enhance their profile even after the fair ends.
  • Video channel interviews with top exhibitors

TS Revolution

TecnoSlide Revolution is TC Group's proprietary presentation management software  -new in its name because it was totally reengineered- but with over 1000 conferences managed under the name of TecnoSlide. TS rEvolution consolidates TecnoSlide's already exceptional reliability by adding new features, advanced graphics customization, and dynamic projection layout. Finally, thanks to the integration with the entire TC Software Suite, it has become the technological heart of the entire technical part of the event.

The novelties are mainly new features: the software is now compatible with all operating systems, formats and projection resolutions. The software is now a powerful tool for remote control and monitoring at the disposal of the Organizing Secretariat and technical staff; a control which traditionally was always been assigned to the slide center. In the room, the projection is more dynamic and graphically appealing thanks to a pre-organized and flexible timeline of projection that makes it possible to customize projection with animated backgrounds, customized logos for each change of relationship and / or session.


  • Multi-Rooms Conference and Meetings


  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10, MAC Os X, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Accepted file formats for PC presentations: PowerPoint for PC and MAC, Excel, PDF, Prezi, Keynote
  • Supported resolutions: 1024x768 (standard 4: 3), 1366x768 (standard 16: 9), 1920x1080 (Full HD 16: 9)
  • Customizable dynamic projection layout with animated graphics, animation of logos, video camera and infographics
  • Always performs a real-time recording of all presentations as a back-up repository
  • Thanks to the remote control station, a technician can control smaller rooms and intervene if called

TecnoSlide Welcome provides for the integration of TecnoSlide with an iPad which allows to accommodate with style and innovation every speaker at the Slide Centre, thus optimising the normal bureaucratic operations and the management of multi-disclaimers 

A monitor equipped with TecnoDisplay and integrated with TS Revolution can be set up vertically in front of the speaker's podium and transmit dynamic session information that can be alternated over time. The current speaker’s name and electronic countdown are automatically updated at each launch of the presentation next to the conference poster. Paper-free service which allows to make last-minute replacements.


TecnoDisplay (TC Group Owner Software since 2005) is a multimedia communication system designed to manage and display dynamic event information based on specific communication and information needs. The system was completely redesigned in 2016 as a flexible content viewing tool, such as web pages or multimedia presentations, but also the ideal solution for Electronic Signage.

Each display location is highly customizable with informations and graphics.

The system, when integrated with the TecnoSlide Software, is enriched with Sale / Session planning: current and next session information is updated in real time with the name of the speaker, title, photo, and time available.

  • Conference and meetings
  • Exhibitions and Trade shows

  • Software Suite Complementarity (TecnoSlide, EasyRec)
  • Original and discrete dynamic visual communication tool;
  • A sponsorship tool with personalized advertising space dedicated to business promotion
  • Electronic signage solution
  • Paper-free solution

Just think of a congress assistant who never gets tired. He knows the programme of the event by heart, he also knows your structure like the back of his hand and can suggest you the best place nearby where at the end of the congress you can go and have some pizza .

We are introducing you TecnoDisplay Touch, the ideal instrument to realise info points interactive and able to give dynamic information on the running event and the host town.


  •  Possibility of personalisation with the sponsor’s logotypes.
  • In premises that are managed with TecnoDisplay there is the possibility of seeing the streaming of the rooms that are meant for that
  • The availability of inserting a dedicated section “Live the town” with technical profiles on the places of interest (e.g., hotels, restaurants, coffee bar, pubs, etc..)
  • Profiles of the places in the structure, with the possibility of adding photos and videos to the description data

This service sets a station of control and listening of the rooms in each display, shows multimedia contributions coming from the main rooms and audio is released by receiver devices. 


EasyRec makes it possible to automatically capture all the presentations projected during the event, synchronize them with the audio or video track of the speakers, thus creating live multimedia proceedings, replicating  excactly what was being presented during  the event. 
The final digital product is sorted according to the program of the event, has a built-in search engine and is ready for web and APP publishing. When editing, you can edit and customize the end result of any single proceeding (eg. watermark in overprint, obscure sensitive data, etc ...). The multimedia proceedings created with EasyRec are multi-platform (Smartphone, Tablet, PC).


  • Conferences and conferences
  • Business Meetings
  • Residential and distance learning courses


  • Complementary with TC Group Software Suite: TecnoSlide, TecnoDisplay, APP event tool
  • Available Web repositories: APP event tool, Agorà e-Learning platform, TC Group’s portal, customizable Web Content repositories
  • Cost-efficient: System automation reduces production costs
  • Free web space for material publishing: portal
  • Sponsorship Tool: Graphic Customization and custom paths dedicated to Sponsors

EasyRec LITE © allows the creation in real-time of multimedia proceedings: the speaker’s speech is synchronized with the slides shown during the presentation and inserted into a graphics frame featuring name and photo, presentation’s title and a control panel for the slides. The final digital product is a video containing the speech of the speaker synchronized with the individual slides, excluding the animations, the video contained in the presentation and the mouse pointer movement. During real-time editing, you can customize and customize the end result of the proceedings (eg watermark overprint, blurring sensitive data, etc.)

EasyRec PLUS © allows the creation of top-of-the-line media in real time: presentations are captured as they are shown in the conference room, thus including animations, videos embedded in them, and mouse pointer movement. The final digital proceeding is a video that perfectly replicates the presentation as it has been projected in the room, the proceeding is thus embedded in a graphics frame featuring name and photo of the speaker, the presentation’s title, and a control panel for the slides.

EasyRec Personal Edition is an application of TC Group Software Suite that lets you create a multimedia recording complete with audio and slides synchronized in complete autonomy directly on your personal computer. multimedia recordings Audio and Slide synchronized into the format suitable for online publication.

The content so registered requires a final post production by specialized technical personnel. The final result obtained becomes a prepared multimedia high level lesson in a format suitable for web publication, inclusion in the e-learning TC Group platform or on other available media showcases: Congress App and the 


The TC Group e-Poster is the final and paper free answer to the traditional Poster. A true medical-scientific multimedia showcase to display all the posters shown during the Conference. 

Wanna learn more about the e-Poster? 
Visit the dedicated mini-website at THIS link

The E-Poster is a software that manages the categorization and visualization of posters that, rather than being printed and pinned on boards, will be displayed on 48” touch monitors, vertically oriented. 

Each monitor represents a visualization point through which it will be possible:
  • Search the subject of interest through some key filters such as topics, authors, title, contribution code, etc.
  • View the desired poster
  • Zoom in to see details (pinch-in/pinch-out function)
  • Click on the appropriate button to listen to the author’s audio comment about the chosen poster (optional feature, depending on the chosen version)
  • View video contributions attached to the poster (optional feature, depending on the chosen version) 
  • Send messages or ask questions to the author

From the experience gained in recent years with hundreds of installed totem for poster discussion in electronic format, Tecnoconference has developed a new software that integrates, in addition to searching and viewing, even new features that clearly 
differentiate the E-Poster session from a traditional paper poster session, in particular:

The new Totem TC Group is composed by three basic elements:
  • A variable size monitor according to the needs (42”, 55”, etc) with audio amplification
  • A touch tablet for browsing and control
  • A PC connected to a server for content management


Livebit is the proprietary TC Group software developed in 2017 to manage the entire video content of the event. Recordings, streaming, editing, playlists, share on social channels and archive of contents, all in a single tool.

Livebit includes a Suite of IT solutions that allows you to: 

  • Record the event’s sessions in their entirety (audio, video, presentations). 
  • Stream the live contents on your event’s personal showcase hosted online on the platform, live sharing via social medias or streaming through Streaming Wall stations located inside the venue. 
  • Edit the recording in real-time obtaining in short time all the presentations indexed by single speakers, date and hall. 
  • Publish on-demand contents on multiplatform system (dedicated APP for smartphone/tablet devices, website of the event). 
  • Organize available contents online on a cloud platform customized for the single event and for the client, with a private access area and also equipped with an advanced search engine.
Want to find out more about Livebit? Visit the dedicated landing page.   


Livebit is ideal to be used during any event involving the presence of a camera (even of your smartphone):
  • Press conferences and institutional events  
  • Congresses and meetings
  • Mass participation events
  • Private events
  • Corporate events and training
  • Location with reduced accessibility

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