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All our services are customised to provide our clients with advanced multimedia tools which allow to take advantage of (acquire, record, visualise) the very rich scientific –cultural material produced in every Congress. For every and each event we put at our client’s disposal some “digital windows” personalised in the graphics and content, where one can share the multimedia and scientific contents generated during the congress, with direct access from outer web sites.

The portal TuttoCongressi.it offers free and unlimited web hosting free for digital proceedings of any Conference. The portal TuttoCongressi.it is a unique multimedia repository for scientific contents produced during the National and International conferences carried out by TC Group and its Partners.
Tuttocongressi makes available to users a great collection of congress papers that can be used in their integral version, organised and indexed as category, scientific society and seat of the congress. TC Group’s goal is to avoid that precious scientific-cultural patrimony concerned with the event be dispersed therefore it is made available to a larger audience through a unique service of multi-disciplinary up-dating, starting from the medical-scientific world. In that way, however, TC Group gives a wide appeal to the events before, throughout and after their performance, the same can be said about the organisers, the seat of the congress and the speakers. In 2014 TuttoCongressi has reached figures next to 16,000 scientific congress papers exploited through a cutting-edge search engine system with more than 60,000 web accesses.


Solutions for remote conferences

WebConference Suite is our web platform for video conferencing, perfect for training sessions at a distance and remote interventions in residential events, allowing the reduction of travel costs without sacrificing the ability of communication. WebConference Suite is an advanced, fully modular system, whose main characteristic is that to adapt to any need for remote broadcasting: remote participation of speakers or delegates, webinars, webcasts or distance learning integration.

Satellite Connection: stable, immediate. It is a connection without any kind of delay and grants the highest quality of transmission. Recommended for: Live Surgery, high-level meetings.

Data Connection: a dedicated DSL connection that allows an interactive connection between multiple rooms simultaneously. Recommended for: meeting with a high degree of interaction between participants.

Web Connection: a VOIP connection that uses an existing DSL connection. Recommended for: small meetings or budget constraints.

Streaming is a useful tool to make available audio or video content to multiple users connected remotely, allowing them to enjoy the content  ‘live’, without having them to wait for the download once the session is over.

Suitable for: meetings, conferences, Live Surgery, webinar.

The Web conference is a useful tool to make available specific audio/video content to more users connected remotely while granting a bidirectional communication channel, thus allowing the interaction between participants connected in multiple locations thanks to either a DSL or Satellite internet connection.

Suitable for: meetings, conferences, Live Surgery, webinars and whenever there is the need of making content available to users connected remotely.


Streaming & Webcast

Our streaming audio-video service gives the possibility of watching on line in audio-video mode congress works, focusing on the lecturer specifically as well as on the presentation slides with perfect synchronism. This service provides the transmission of the audio-video track from the main seat directly to the final user’s computer through the internet network.

The Webcast system created and set up by TC Group is used to record the works from the plenary hall in wide band indexed for each lecturer, watch live coverage in streaming (offering an opportunity to a restricted elite of participants to watch congress works without being necessarily present in the flesh) and in any case, publish on line the recording of events for a larger audience. 


On line balloting

The Electronic Polling Station is a TC Group proprietary software conceived to perform the renewal of the elective office in a computerised way, simulating the carrying out of a traditional electoral process.

This system enables the carrying out of electronic voting for the election of candidates with single preferences, multiple or lists of candidates, managing also delegated members. Electronic polling stations make election operations fast and guarantee the secrecy of the results.

Web based Software Version comprehensive of back-office to manage more than one poll contemporarily. Polling data are enciphered in the database and results can be read exclusively at the end of the vote not before having inserted a code to guarantee the highest level of secrecy on the result.

We have also included software integration so that even participants who cannot physically participate in the vote can also do it comfortably remotely.

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